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Awakening the senses


Dearest Mae,


Firstly, thank you for being here with us and for being a part of Ouverte's inaugural box. We simply cannot thank you enough for all the kindness and patience you've shown to us. Being completely new to the personal lingerie and lifestyle curation business, we've made countless mistakes; some terribly costly, others cost us precious time. Nonetheless, we are here and cannot wait to introduce each and every of the products we've carefully and painstakingly selected. For this box, we are proud to carry quality products from brands who encompass the values and ethics we respect and practise.

Ouverte is about encouraging women to be conscious of the need to take care of themselves, to slow down and take in the world and crystalise the energy into the most creative natural force: sensuality. On curating this box, we wanted each item to delight the senses. From luxurious silk and sheer laces caressing your skin to romantic and sensuous scents perfuming the air to savouring the fruity notes of ethically produced artisan Vietnamese dark chocolate. Our senses connect us with the world so may our curations bring joy to your senses and awaken your sensuality.


Lingerie spotlight


by Peak and Beau


Kay is for the bold sensualist in you. Featuring luxurious satin and soft black lace trim, its peak-a-boo cups and smooth fabrics will put you in the mood of cheeky pleasure. Kay is also functional as its sensual. Beneath the fine satin are underwires designed to uplift your breasts. Now, it’s only a matter of if you dare to wear it out of the bedroom.

Kay comes with a matching thong in a beautiful matching teal satin with a gorgeous stark black trim. Wear it as a full set and allow yourself to enjoy wearing lingerie just purely for pleasure. Forget about practicalities like nipple coverage or if you look like those overly processed models because you are you and you just perfect.  

Kay Teal and Black Bra and Thong retails for S$102, including international shipping fees


To Scent

Fragrance Oils by Mystic Moments

Uplift your senses with these quality fragrance oils from the United Kingdom. Wear them with our Lava Aromatherapy Necklace or diffuse these oils to create the ambience of your desires. You will receive one of the 15 full-sized fragrant oils that we've curated.

Retails for S$30, including international shipping at Mystic Moments


To Adorn

Volcanic Aromatherapy Necklace  by Ouverte

Our exclusive self-designed rose-gold aromatherapy necklace made from natural basalt volcanic rocks. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the pendant to wear.  Your body will warm up the oils on the pendant, gently perfuming your day.

Not for sale, produced exclusively for this box. Retail value: S$25


To Savour

MAROU Faiseurs Du Chocolat 

Ever since we've sampled the Bà Ria bar (pictured), we are enamoured by the delicate blend of fruity and rich chocolate taste. To top it off, all chocolate bars by MAROU are ethically produced in Vietnam. 2 random flavours from the MAROU range are included in your box. 

Retails for S$5.50 at selected local stockists


To Pamper

Exfoliating Pumice Stone by Body Benefits

Did you know, despite what they say, the feet ARE an erogenous zone! And even if you are somehow under 24 and from the British Isles, keeping your feet beautifully exfoliated and soft is sure help you feel your best! To use, soak your feet in warm water and gently slough off the rough and dead skin of your feet. Finish by applying a moisturizing foot cream.

Retails for $13, inclusive of local shipping at iHerb


To Sip

T2 Tea Adventures  by T2

Warm up your passion with this lovely selection by Australia tea lovers, T2. Each tea by T2 is crafted to be a exotic treat for the scent and taste. Now, who’s feeling thirsty already? 2 different flavours from T2 Tea Adventures have been included for your drinking pleasure

Retails for S$25 at T2 Teas 


To Try

No-rinse Delicate Wash by Eucalan

Silk is a beautiful material is keeps you cool when you are warm and vice versa. With the right care, your silk lingerie will last you many wonderful years. To care for your silk lingerie, we've enclosed a sachet of Eucalan, a no-rinse detergent formulated for the care of fine fabrics and delicates for you to try.

Retails from US$5 at Eucalan


Total number of items included: 10
Total retail value: $286++