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Why Subscribe to Ouverte

Ouverte is a great way to discover new and independent lingerie brands and designers. Here are 6 reasons you will love subscribing to Ouverte. 


Reasons to love Ouverte

Ouverte was founded on the belief that the female sensuality is healthy and should be celebrated. Here's why you will love subscribing to Ouverte. 


We celebrate female sensuality 

Despite our social progress, female sensuality is still a taboo matter in Asia. Female sensuality remains strongly influenced by the male gaze. This is especially true when it comes to sensual lingerie. Ouverte was founded to create a safe and healthy space for women to enjoy and explore sensual lingerie by herself for herself. 


We really want your bras to fit

The number concern women have about buying lingerie online is sizing and fit issues. At Ouverte, we really want you to experience what a well fitted bra feels like. So we offer complimentary personal lingerie fittings in our studio for all subscribers residing in Singapore! No time for a fit appointment? No worries. We make it easy for to return and make a size exchange, no questions asked. Fit issues be gone! 


We are here for new and independent designers

Unlike other subscription boxes, we do not believe in white-labelling products. Rather, we hope to help new and independent brands to reach out to more consumers in the Asian market through our box. Ouverte is also a great way for consumers to get to know more ethical brands from around the world and reduce consumption by buying better and higher quality products.

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No obligation.
Cancel anytime you like.

There is Chinese saying, "there will not be any happiness if the feeling is no longer mutual." At Ouverte, we do not believe in contracts and obligations. We offer hassle-free cancellations and returns if things aren't working out.


Our boxes make great gifts

For the gentlemen who is looking for the perfect gift for the lady in his life, Ouverte is the answer. From helping you find out her size to picking out the lingerie pieces she will definitely love, we've got your back.  Oh, did we mention that everything, including your billing arrangements will completely discreet?


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